Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ninja, by Jesse my son

Jesse my son asked me to put this on my blog...he likes to think of himself as a Ninja! Enjoy!


The silent night
It has been flying away for an eternity
It was the sight that caught me
The tone of the crows “caw”
Set me in a state of awe

Why is it on a silent night?
You see the lone wolf staring at me
Why is it on a silent night?
You find the homeless looking in the shadows

Why is it on a silent night you hear?
The sound of young martial arts
It is because the ancient is becoming revitalized
The sound is carrying away
Can I catch it before it turns grey?

Can I?
Only time can tell
Only time can tell
The ninja can

He bursts out of shadows
Themselves writhing out of shame
Trying to not displace the dark matter
The ninja caught it
The ninja kept it

Next time you’re alone
Next time
Don’t forget the ninja or the tone

The tone is a signal
The ninja is its receiver
Together they make a circuit
If you are not a believer

Then next time you’re alone
Don’t listen to the tone
Just go home
But be warned
The ninja is scorned.

~Jesse age 13~



What a creative son you have. Wonderful poem a real pleasure to read.


Rae said...

Very talented boy! Takes after his mother.

Gregg said...

Never been in to Ninja's but he put together a very good poem for me to think about! Tell him, good job!

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