Friday, September 2, 2011

My Journey With MFP Aug/Sept.

So September was an AWESOME month for me all around.  Joining the August challenge was a huge accomplishment and motivation for me.  I lost inches (not sure how many) and 7.2lbs, so all in all it was a very productive month.  

I signed up for my first 5k in October and I cannot wait to see how I do.  My fastest time for a 5k so far is today's time 35:53, yay!!!  Of course my 5k's are not official ones but 5k's non the less.  

Alex, yes that picture of me is recent, although my hair is dark now, but yes that is me in July.  

The kids are all heading back to school next week, woohoo!  I am so ready for them to be back on a routine.  Come the second week of September I will be helping out at our little store, for the lunch rush.  Hopefully that will work out, my hubby is having me help out rather than have to spend the money hiring someone else to work a very short shift, 2hrs at most M-F.  This will cut into my lunch date with my bff Julie and my cleaning job once a week, but I am sure I will figure something out.  

I have become quite addicted (in a good way) to exercising at the local YMCA. Betcha have that song going through your head now.  Ha, Ha !!! I love the elliptical trainer, adaptive motion trainer, and the recumbent bike trainer, they all give me a kick butt workout and are helping to shape my body.  I have also added some weight training to my regime, and will be increasing that as time goes on and allows.  

Our prune tree out back yielded quite a huge crop of prunes (taste like plums) and my son had my mother-in-law make us some prune jam...sounds gross but soooooo good. This winter we will be enjoying some tasty jam, can't wait.

Things at home are going well and we are having some great weather to boot. The hot days are not so hot anymore, and mornings are beautifully fall like.  I can't wait for the trees to change their colors and to feel that cool breeze day after day.  As a result of my weight loss I can now wear my leggings and look great at the same time...woohoo!  I love being skinny but more than that, I love being healthier and more fit.  

Blessings my dear friends and as usual please leave me a little somethin' somethin' when you come by.

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