Saturday, March 20, 2010

~The Sunday Funnies Revisited~

Without further ado...I now present the Sunday Funny portion of this Show! (Now sit back and enjoy..or else)
No really, 'tis okay to relax and re-visit know..the days of your youth, sheesh!

(Can any of you relate to this?)

(This is my body..with hormone withdrawal)

(Don't laugh too hard, this is us in just a few months, years, decades...pick one)

(This is what my dogs look like when they realize we are OUT of bones)

(Again with the hormone withdrawal)

(I am sure I don't even have to go there)

(Women of the world..UNITE)

(Tee-hee..cracking up here, ya just gotta love the wizard of id)

(Okay enough said)

As you all know I do not post on this is it for me this week.  I truely hope ya'll had a great weekend, God bless and may His face shine upon you today and beyond.  Before you zip outta here won't you leave me some comment love?  You know you want to, So just do it..You'll like it I promise! It's potato chips..wait..come back here, first leave me a message then go eat some chips! That's got it!

(Now a quote)

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friends. ~Richard Bach

Who's calling please?

I'm sorry Shannon is out sick today, may I take a message?  I will be sure to have her call you back. Just leave your name and a brief (very long) message (comment) and she will return your call (comment) as soon as possible (when she feels even remotely human again). 

Friday, March 19, 2010

What the french, toast!

Okay, this is how I feel right now...I am over at my mama's and she has, who will not stay away from me..I believe I am..allergic..severely..(go away cat before I go postal) sorry about that she just walked under the chair I am sitting in, she just can't seem to stay away from me!

This is her..the beast..Maggie!

This is how I look right now, no that is not me but you get the nose, stuffy head..sneezing uncontrollably.

Yup, that's me! This is exactly why we don't have a cat at my impeccable mansion home. By we I mean my hubby.  He wanted a cat so bad, but the kids and I wanted puppies instead..somebody should have shot me then.  I love my precious little babies doxies, but my hubby made us get two, "so they won't get lonely" and now well there's two to pick up after and bathe, and feed, and scoop their poop..etc.

This is what I need, but don't have at the moment! Sounds like it is time for a trip to the abyss Wal-Mart, for some relief..and maybe a few more snacks for comfort, after all I am sorta, kinda sick!

~5 Question Friday~

Hey all you ladies, it's time for....

So this is a fun meme Mama M. over at My little life's fun, and you know you want to do it! So get over there and do it already! Wait, read this first..Okay here I go...

These are the questions for 5Q Friday!

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting? Yes, the older brother on Eight is Enough! That was so cool…I actually got to meet him and hear him play the guitar! I think I even got his autograph but for the life of me I can’t think of where I put it! His name is Grant Goodeve…I had forgotten that and had to look it up on Bing…my memory is failing me, another sign of some sort of dementia. Arrrgggh…moving on!

2. What temperature do you keep your house? Usually around 70 degrees, I don’t like it hot at all…thanks to early menopause. In the winter I would rather wear a sweater or blanket than have it hot in my house. In the summer (now this is funny) it is usually freaking freezing in my house due to our air conditioner extraordinaire…so I will also wear a sweater inside in the summer-time.

3. Do you notice dust at other people’s homes? Yes I do, and I hate that about me…I notice when other people’s houses are dirty, how neurotic am I? On the other hand I don’t tell them I think they are disgusting pigs or anything like that, so it’s all good.

4. What's the worst job you ever had? Washing dishes at the Talent Truck Stop…that was a hot and thankless job! I was 16 and it was a TRUCK STOP…you can all guess how much fun it was! Ya, I'm just gonna let you paint a picture in your mind for that one!

5. What is your most sentimental possession? My Bible, I don’t like it when I cannot find it! I cannot imagine not having it at all. The other thing is my rings…I am a ring fanatic…or lunatic, either one works. I have so many rings, and the weird thing is I wear different rings on my wedding ring finger, depending on what jewelry I am wearing. If it is gold I wear a gold ring, silver, I wear a silver ring. I have like 4 different wedding rings. Weird huh!!! So now you all know just how strange a cookie I am.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are Paying it Forward today with CCWA

So okay I was reading over at CCWA about this Pay if forward game thingy...and saw that Leigh @Leigh vs. Laundry was giving out an award to all, so I popped on over there all nonchalant (yes that is the right spelling I looked it up) like and claimed my hard earned award. Ta-da! Yes, you can do the same!

Now let me tell you about the Pay it forward thingy over at CCWA 

Here is how you play..Go visit a blog, read some posts..write up a post on your fav. read (on the blog) and call your post..We are paying it forward today with CCWA. In your post put a link to the blog you visited and are posting about and tell your readers what is so great about it, then encourage them to visit said blog...get the point?

 Yay! Be sure you let the bloggers author know you are going to be talking about their blog and such...then go back to CCWA and link up with the McKlinky...etc...etc...okay so here goes mine..

Do you know her? Have you been over to her blog? No, then scurry on over (after you finish this post) and check Her out!  Brittany just wrote an awesome post on a book she is writing...yes you heard me correctly...she is a teen and writing a book!  Check out her 1st snippet right Here it is called "The light had turned green". It is wonderful, and won't be sorry, I promise. 

 Brittany is just an all-around wonderful, mature, and sweet girl, and I definitely consider her a friend of mine...No go on and leave me a comment or two..cause I am greedy like that...then go over and visit Brittany's wonderful blog.

Sweet Give-away over at Sweet Jeanette

Jeanette @Sweet Janette is giving away a gorgeous Longaberger tote, now go check it out! It is totally go on over and do your thing and you might be the winner, but really I am hoping that it is me!

Not that I don't already have enough tote's, purses, bags etc...but hey you can't really have too many, can you?  No, I didn't think so! So why are you still here? Get a move on it! Hurry, Hurry!

~Quirky Top 3 Thursday~

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, It is now time for a fun blog carnival...drum roll please....It's time for Top 3 Thursday with Elizabeth @ Confessions of a working mom and go by both blogs and give em' a whirl!

Okay, here is how it works, every Thursday the lovely ladies above pick a catagory and ask us for our Top 3 thoughts on it. After we post our thoughts, we go back and add our link to the little Mcklinky and BAM your done! It's fun! So here I go...the question or category is What are your top 3 quirks? These are mine..

#3. I absolutely hate to leave the house without makeup and hair finished...I feel naked if I don't.  Although there are times when I will run to the store a block away sans makeup..for the most part I just can't do it. I just feel so naked and ugly if I don't fix myself up first.  You know the old saying...If the barn needs paint...okay so now I can't remember if there is another part to that saying or if it just stops right there? Must be early stages of demensia or something like that..let's hope not.  Okay moving on..

#2. I read all the when I am watching TV, my husband hates this extremely annoying quirk when I do this.  I tell him that I can multi-task because I am a WOMAN it's what we do! So I read voraciously, sue me!

#1. I absolutely, unequivocally, hands down, cannot go without my home made best coffee in the world coffee in the morning, and not only that but I drink close to a pot a day! I think I need to go into rehab or something, it's pretty bad.  Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm an made coffee. What is so funny is that I cannot drink the stuff at Dutch Bros. or Starbuck's it is tooooo strong for me.  I have to drink my coffee, with creamer and no sugar. Strange you say, yes I know, but I'm a little quirky that way!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

May the luck of the Irish be with ye today!

And may you all find a pot-o-gold under every rainbow you see!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~Little Love Letter Tuesday~

It's time for little love letter Tuesday!!! Thanks to my beautiful blogging friend Brittany @Not your Average Teen! Oh and don't forget to go over and do your own little love letter tuesday post...And away we go..

Dear Diet gods...why are you trying to kill me? I mean what does a girl have to do to lose 20, or 40, or 60 lbs these days...must I eat green stuff and exercise? Can't I just sit around and wish these pesky pounds, I didn't think so.  You want me to eat all kinds of green veggies, and then walk 16 miles a day, are you crazy? I have decided I no longer wish to believe in you, so take that and cram it in okay, that was get the drift.  Love, a not so happy dieter.

Dear person who shall remain nameless...I wish to bring to your attention the way you eat your it is about to jump off your fork.  Please slow down, I am beginning to think you are under the impression that the food around here will vanish suddenly or something. I promise to keep feeding you every day, if you would just stop with the eating-like-your-in-a-race way that you do!  Love, mom

Dear furniture salesman...The futon you sold me SUCKS, it is like sitting on a rock with a cover on it.  I certainly paid way too much I can tell you that...if I was your boss, you would be fired for telling me that the mattress had a very comfortable feel to it.  Let me tell you does NOT! I will never shop in your store again and be wooed by a salesman of your calibur.  Love, the woman with a sore butt!

~Post it Note Tuesday~

Time sure flies when your blogging away..

The proverbial hour glass has reminded me that I need to get off this computer and do some actual housework and maybe even take something out for dinner! Although I enjoy reading up on my favorite blogs and commenting of course, I also like to have a happy family, who will continue to love and adore me when they get home.  Have a great day ya'll and May God's face shine upon you today and beyond! (I may be back later, but hey you never know, I may actually sit down and read

~Relationships Compared~

Describe how your relationship with your spouse is different then the relationship your parents had while you were growing up. This is the writing prompt I have chosen for writers workshop over at Mama Kat's !

First I will start with this...I lived out on my own for a little while before I met my husband so in that respect I had a lot more experience than my mother did.  She went straight from her parents home to her husbands home. I had lived in a few different cities and with a few different people before I even met George (Hubby).

I had run away when I was 16, and stayed with some friends for a day or two before going to live with my favorite Aunt and Uncle, who were and still are my saving angels. A few years after coming home I moved out to live with a friend, who I occasionally hear from even now, she was my best friend when we were a teenagers.  After that I got a job cleaning hotel rooms at a Best Western and lived with a I say all this to show that I had a little bit of living under my belt, so to speak, before I got married. My mom was completely unprepared to be a wife or to be independent in any way. She knew nothing of the outside world, she was totally sheltered and naive. 

The second difference I can see is this...I did not look at my Husband as my everything, I had friends I still kept in touch with, books I read, places I went,  whereas my mother did see my father like that. He was it for her, she didn't really care about making her own friends or becoming a little bit independent from him.  She thought he was the most important person in her life and no one else even came close..and thus everyone else felt exactly that...less important. My brother and I never really felt significant in our family, because my father was who she looked at to fill her up. Whether that was filling her up with confidence, love, empowerment, it didn't really matter, because my brother and I did not fit in there anywhere.  Today, of course, it is different in that, she is one of my best friends (that is a story in itself to be told at a later time).

The third difference is probably this...My husband has always encouraged me to make friends and get out of the house every once and awhile, he has always been supportive of what I want or need to do.  My father was controlling and treated my mom like a slave of sorts.  I mean he would come home from work and just lay around all day and expect her to serve him..and she would do it!  Now don't get me wrong, when my husband comes home from work I like to get him a drink and make sure dinner is on it's way, but he does not expect me to do it.  I love my husband and because I am a SAHM I do like to make him feel welcome and comfortable after being at work all day.  Mom was like a robot, those things were just expected and never reciprocated by my father.  Dad is still like that today and as a result my parents are divorced, well that and the fact that my father left my mom after having an affair (that is part of the story to be told later on).

My husband, George, is a wonderful person, (not that he doesn't have his faults, we all do) and he is a remarkable husband and father. I cannot say that about my own father, even though I love him, I would have to say he is selfish and because of that we don't have a close relationship at all. His life is mostly about him, on the other hand my husbands life is not a selfish one at all.  He has always worked hard for our family of six, and he puts others ahead of himself all the time, often going without if he has to.   So my marriage in comparison to my parents is vastly different, and for that I am thankful.

One other thing I would like to touch on is this...My relationship with God is not connected to my husbands relationship to God.  Let me explain.  In my parents relationship, my father was in control of everything even religion...I will call what they had religion--which is ritual, rite, rules, etc...I don't know that my mom has ever had a real relationship with Christ, outside of my fathers relationship with Christ. See, my father was a pastor off and on throughout my entire childhood, but mostly one of rules and regulations, you know, legalistic teachings. We grew up in that environment, so I guess I could blame the church atmosphere for the ghastly state of my parents marriage. In my marriage..the relationship I have with Christ is mine and personal, it does not have ties with anyone else.  It is between My heavenly Father and I.  Our relationship depends on me and how far I am willing to take it, and on how obedient I want to be. In my parents relationship it was not like that at all, where dad went, she went, what dad believed, she believed, and so on.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my life as a married woman, I am so appreciative.  Before you go please remember to leave me a comment or two, as I love to see what you all have to say & May God's face shine upon you today and beyond!

Monday, March 15, 2010

~My Shephard~

Psalm 23:1 says...The LORD is my shephard I shall not want...

That means HE is all I need.  I don't really need anyone or anything but Him!  Yet He loves me so much that He blessed me with others to go through this life with.   He also provides just what I need at the precise moment I need it, and then He blesses me with even more than I need.  A little extra to give away perhaps!

Psalm 23:2 says... He makes me to lie down in green pastures...

So not only is He sufficient for me, He also provides what I need and more, and then He even sees fit to provide for me a place to lie down and rest.  That is just like my God and Father, always looking out for me. 

Psalm 23:2b says...He leads me beside quiet waters...showing me that He knows I need some time of peace and quiet and HE will be happy to show me the way to it!

Psalm 23:3 says...He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name sake...

This says to me that He takes the time to restore me when I need a little help, when I have really had a bad day, He takes the time to restore and comfort me.  Wow! My study Bible puts it this way.. "When we allow God our shephard to guide us, we have contentment." So when I am obedient to His calling there is rest and restoration waiting for me. Simple, but amazing!

Psalm 23:4 says... Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me... Nothing can overcome death but God. Pain, suffering, disease or injury cannot overcome death, for death...has the final word.   God can alone overcome death and He alone offers us eternal comfort.

Psalm 23:5 says...Thou dost prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies...
...Thou hast anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows... God is so good to us that He offers the protection of a host even when enemies surround us. My cup is surely running over with blessings and protection from The Shephard, I can only imagine what He has to do to protect me from myself...

Finally Psalm 23:6 says...Surely goodness and mercy  will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

For me that will be a day of Great rejoicing..when my Father embraces me and welcomes me home...This picture is how I imagine it will be, Him embracing me His daughter and Heir to His throne...I Can't wait, can you?

My Weary Weekend!

I was sick this last weekend, yay me! This pretty much sums up how totally wonderful I felt.

You know how it feels when you just feel...blech?  Well that is pretty much how I felt all weekend.  I did fold some laundry on Sunday, but other than that I was in or on my bed the whole excruciatingly freaking time.

Ladies, you all know how it is when you are sick...the kids seem to get a little more wild and crazy rambunctious and the house seems to get messy all on it's own, kinda like this..

Yup that pretty much sums it up!  Although I have to say the hubby did a great job taking care of things around here, I mean he cooked and got the kids to do some cleaning and even some outside work...Go Hubby! I am especially blessed to have this guy, he's a keeper...and he took great care of me and the kids this last weekend so he deserves some applause...
I also missed Church on Sunday, which is a bummer because well, obviously I missed out on a great sermon, no doubt, but also my son played in the Worship band again.  Well at least I will get to be there on Easter Sunday when he will be playing again.  Woohoo!

Okay, that is pretty much the whole She-bang for now would you please leave me a comment or two as I absoluely love to hear what you have to say! God bless and May His face shine upon you today and beyond!

~Unfailing Love~

This is such a beautiful song and video, I couldn't keep it to myself so click Here to view "Unfailing Love" by Chris Tomlin..sit back, enjoy and have a great morning!
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