Monday, March 22, 2010


We may not be able to give much but we can always give the joy that springs in a heart that is in love with God.

-Mother Teresa

I have had my morning coffee and walk already..I know, it's 11:23 a.m. but I have been reading up on everyone's blogs and drinking my oh-so-delicious morning shake, and just now getting around to posting! 
It was so beautiful this morning around the neighborhood.  Birds were blooming..fresh air delicious! Yes, air can be delicious..thank you very much. For any of you lovely ladies or handsome gentlemen who are following my weight loss stats..woohoo..I am at..well just go over and click on the page over to the left and you will see for yourself. (hint: the one that says weight loss stats)
My mom is doing very well..she is on the hcg diet..and so far has lost a total of 19.5 3 weeks.  This diet is utilizing hcg drops and eating no more that 500 calories a day so it is very limiting and restrictive.  The hcg and limited calories work in tandem..allowing your body to use it's own fat to burn for energy..thus the huge weight loss.  I am doing it the hard way and in the three weeks she has lost 19.5 lbs, I have lost 3 lbs. 
This just does not seem fair to me..but I am probably just being a big ole' baby..right?  I mean, here I am eating less and better I might add, as well as intentionally exercising most every day! So forgive me if I am a little or a lot jealous of her weight loss over mine.  I am glad she is doing something to get healthier(even though I think it is the easy way), I just wish it was me that had lost 19.5 lbs.
 Although..I am learning every day how to eat the correct portion sizes and this is important to continued and successful weight least that is what I am told, I will stick to it and not give up..even though I would love to start this hcg diet now. I promised my hubby that I would first learn to eat right and make it a habit..then if I still wanted to, I would try the hcg diet, sometime around June/July of this year. 
So all in all I am not doing too bad, and I can say that I am proud of myself for sticking with it so far! I did read something interesting this morning about rewarding yourself for weight loss, one lady suggested buying a charm braclet and adding charms to it for every 5 lbs lost..I like it! I could almost buy two charms already, yay me! Oops I think I just gave away how much I have lost so far..Oh well..that's life.  Have a great day ya'll and please leave me a comment or two before you mosey on along!


By MelCole of PA said...

Hi Shannon, Sounds like you had a nice way of rewarding yourself. My husband is also trying hard to loss some weight. He is in Weight watchers and there they will award you some stars when you lose a certain weight loss goal. But then it became harder because they increased their weight loss goal. I have to encourage my husband that we can do bowling together, hiking and biking especially it's Spring time now. But I liked your idea of that charm bracelet reward. I'm thinking of rewarding dimes to my husband every time he will lose 1 pound. Sounds crazy, but hope it will work. BTW, I got awards for you, hope you'll it:

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