Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Will I ever be enough?

Will I ever get to the point where I am not always facedown?

Will I ever reach the end of my journey to perfection?

Will I ever stop falling down and stumbling around?

Will I ever get to wear a beautiful crown?

Will I ever be enough?

The truth is NO, until I get to heaven, I will continue to struggle. 
To be imperfect.
I will continue on this journey called my life.
I will never be enough for this world.
Never pretty enough.
Certainly not smart enough.
Never skinny enough.

I say, my Father God loves me just the way I am..No matter what..or where..I am on that journey called life, and that's enough for me!


Andrea said...

Praising GOD that JESUS is enough for each of us!
Hugs, andrea

singedwingangel said...

OH but I think you are very pretty. But who cares what I think cause God has called you His beloved, a princess in teh royal family, a priest of his word, he has adorned you in his robes and armor and placed shoes on your feet and a crown on your head..

Anonymous said...

We have to all realize that we are all on a journey. We will not arrive until we are in Heaven. As long as we are moving forward, we are where we need to be!

And, who the hell defines beauty? Not the media. A beautiful heart is what beauty is about. Not skin and appendages.

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