Monday, February 22, 2010

Top of the morning to ya!

Good Morning everyone...I was up early (for me) 6:37 a.m. getting the kids up and ready for school, and then out of here on time. Then it was time to do a devotional and relax with God.  I love it that He (our Father) is always there to spend time with us, and just have a quiet conversation anytime we need Him.

I have spent my morning reading up on my newest favorite blogs...written by other lovely ladies with wisdom, tips, and humor to share whoever comes along! So all in all a lovely morning it has been!

 Also this weekend was long and quiet..and somewhat son Jacob (wrestler boy with brown shirt on) took 4th place at the conference meet! He was awesome, of course I am biased, and rightfully so! His shiny yellow ribbon now hangs where everyone can behold it's beauty...well it's not really shiny but it is something to be proud of, right!  Well I am off to see what kind of mischeif I can get into now! May God's face shine on all who pass this way~ 


tristan said...

This weekend was a quiet one for us too! Congratulations to Jacob on placing! That's awesome! Hope you have a peaceful week!

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