Sunday, February 21, 2010

Angelic Mom

Okay so my angel of a mom went home today, she was here helping out as I have been in isolation.  She is such a blessing, I cannot even begin to tell you...okay maybe I will tell you a little bit.  So about a year ago I had my entire Thyroid taken out due to several nodules growing on both lobes.  I then received the "cancer" diagnosis, and treatment plan, and she (my mom) has been with me through the, curse, I guess it all depends on how you look at it. 

 Anyhoo, Mom took time off work to come take care of me and my 4 wonderful, beautiful, ( well you get the point) children, while my husband (bless his heart) worked to provide for all of us.  I mean my beautiful mother cooked, cleaned, cuddled, played cards with the children, and anything else that needed to be done.   She is quite awesome and I think she deserves some kind of the Most Awesome, Beautiful, Angel Mom award...or something like that!  This last year she has really been a blessing beyond what my family or I could have asked for, and we are eternally in her debt for it!

 That being said I am well on my way to a clean health slate (so to speak)...and we shall soon find out if I am (cancer) free... like this Tuesday to be stay tuned for further posts on this topic.  See ya soon~


Nikki said...

What a sweet post! You are so lucky to have a fantastic mom. Although I was not blessed with a great mom, I have been blessed with the best MIL ever. Women like these make me want to be a better mom. Also, love the pretty background!!!

Rachel said...

May your mom be blessed for her service to you!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for putting my button on your blog!

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