Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Hey all you ladies..Happy Wednesday! I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy and enjoying life.  My family celebrated our Wonderful news about me being Cancer free, by having Nachos last night for dinner! 

Woohoo! We are so thrilled to be past this hurdle in our lives and get back to living without that nagging worry in the back of our heads. So what do we do?  Well, we eat of course! We are eaters, and I for one need to do a lot less of it.  So I am just letting you all know I will be purposely eating less and intentionally getting more exercise (that is a dirty word in my book). 

I encourage you to come by and leave comments, tips, suggestions, and generally encourage me!  I am not to humble to admit I need Your encouragement and praise too! I truely hope to make this year one of healthier living and maybe even (okay, not maybe, for sure) some weight loss as well...I am 39 so this is it! I want to be 40 and FABULOUS!  So help me out, I will be looking for your comments, etc...Till we meet again, May God's face shine on you as you pass this way!


Tammy said...

Congratulations! What great news to hear! God answers prayer. I am sure you are on cloud 9! Enjoy your new cancer free life! Come on over for healthy recipes and WL encouragement on Sundays! (Check out my Buh-Bye Pounds posts...lots of great info!)

Congrats again!

The Insatiable Host said...

yay!! congratulations on being free!! the nachos sound great too!!! all the best with your next's gonna be amazing and technicolour!


Cynthia at A Shimmy In My Spirit said...

Congratulations. That is so good to hear. I'm glad you stopped by so I was able to discover your blog.

I just put something up to download for free in your honor.

Kathryn said...

"hi, i love avon products too! there was a pefume i used to wear, it has a dark red lid i think, cant for the life of me remember what it was called, also like the beautiful jewelry, and skin so it!"

Thanks so much for commenting! :)
Their jewlery is pretty great, I have several pieces I have bought from Avon over the years. And yes, everybody just loves the ski so soft! Thanks again!

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