Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow, What a Frazzeled Friday!

This was one Wet, Wild and Wacky Friday for me! I am ready to sit back and relax with some friends tonight and CELEBRATE my new Cancer Free status, with Michael's home made personal pizza's.  Yummmy, I think I will take some canadian bacon, tomatoes, and hamburger meat for me, and maybe some pineapples and pepperoni for the kids.  Sounds good huh!  So I am keeping this one short and sweet, God Bless you all & keep you safe...Happy Blogging, and of course as usual when you are done reading please leave a comment, I love to hear what ya'll have to say!


jcj said...

sounds like a really good idea. It has been really wet here today too. Keep enjoying your great news and know we all love you. See you soon I hope.

Tracie said...

Congrats on being cancer free! That
is wonderful news!

I'm your newest follower. Nice to "meet" you.

singedwingangel said...

HI hun found ya at CCWA and am your newest follower... that pizza looks realll good.. Have you ever had one with canaqdian bacon and pineapple OHEMGEE that is soooo good..

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some comment love:)

Congrats on being Cancer-Free!! That's really awesome!

Hope your pizza was excellent...I haven't had pineapple on pizza in forever. Sounds yummy!


Margaret said...

What kind of cancer did you have?

Pizza sounds so good. I wish I could eat some lol.

Leslie Limon said...

Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog. I'm now following you too! :D

Hope you had a great celebration! You really do deserve it! :D

MsMarcus said...

Sounds like a nice Friday for you.
Congratulations on your C-free status. I CELEBRATE with my mom at every opportunity. :) Family is so important.

And, that pizza looks so good. makes me hungry.

Supermanslady said...

Congrats on being Cancer Free!! Pizza sounds delicious and an AWESOME way to celebrate!

God is Good! All the Time!!

This morning I read this verse and think you might like it too today!
Nahum 1:7

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