Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awesome Healing

Wow, I am so excited!  I just came back from the doctor, and I am CANCER FREE!  This has been a long and sometimes agonizing year waiting to hear the words, You are Cancer Free...God is so amazing, I have to tell you how He works.

Okay here we go...When my precious daughter was about 3 months old I found I was more tired than usual.  This led to a doctor visit and then to an MRI (brain tumor comes to mind).  Finding nothing on that scan, I was then sent to a specialist for endocrinology.  Finally I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease and treated with Thyroid hormone. 

Lets just say the next few years were exhausting as I tried to get my levels to where they were suppossed to be and raise 3 rambunctious boys and 1 little girl...all 7 and under....(you can stop laughing now) although at times I  was hysterical with laughter, (probably more out of exhaustion) but more often than not I was extremely sick and tired~literally. I can laugh a little now when I think back on it (I think I even have an eye twitch connected to that time, ha, ha, ha)...kind of!  

So I think we are going to skip ahead to when I first felt something growing in my neck, as well as noticing it in the mirror.  I was living over on the coast in beautiful Brookings, Oregon, and seeing a physicians assistant, not a specialist.  Due to our mounting medical debt we had no choice but to file for Bankruptcy. We just could not pay all my medical bills and support our family of 6. 

I lived with the fear of CANCER for the next 3 to 4 years until we moved here to Grants Pass, Oregon, and I made the decision to see another specialist, then another specialist.  Finally a doctor who really cared!  My new doctor had me in every 6-7 weeks checking my levels and doing ultrasounds and finally a referral to a surgeon to have my diseased Thyroid removed.

So here is where the story gets a little scary, I had surgery on Halloween by a surgeon named Dr. Fear...go ahead, you can laugh, I sure did!  That being said he is the Best doctor to have if you need surgery...you can hardly see my incision, which is in the middle of my neck.  He is wonderful and took extremely good care of me. The next thing I remember is him telling me I had CANCER. Wow, I thought I was prepared to hear those words but are you ever really prepared?  I mean who wants to think about something that can steal your life away? It was bad enough that it stole my time with family and friends, my energy, and a myriad of other pleasures too many to note, or maybe I just don't want to revisit those times.  Do you blame me?  I didn't think you would. 

After my surgery and CANCER diagnosis, I had alot of time to heal and work with my doctor at getting my levels down to where I was feeling somewhat normal, although I hadn't felt normal for so long it was hard to recognize it. I am just now feeling what "It" feels like..and I have to say, I think I like it! I am getting back to walking (a little) and enjoying life. I feel renewed, so to speak! I have journaled a bit this last year and it has really helped me to come to terms with what my loved ones and I have gone through the last couple of years leading up to my surgery and diagnosis.

Today I am praising God for healing and I really wanted to share it with all of you, my family, friends and blogging buddies.  I hope to form friendships with all who pass this way, May God's face shine on you all!  Let me share a wonderful scripture with you, it is found in...

 Psalm 66:1-3 SHOUT joyfully to God, all the earth; Sing the glory of His name; Make His praise glorious.  Say to God, "How awesome are thy works!  Thankyou to all of you who have walked beside me through this journey, and for your many prayers and warm thoughts, and until we meet again God bless you!


tristan said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and encouraging news, Shannon! Praise God!!! What a wonderful gift it is to have been given life TWICE (actually THRICE if we count the most important rebirth - being born again). I pray my dad will also experience the same miraculous blessing.

Cheryl said...

It sounds like a long, difficult journey. I'm glad it has a happy ending. :) Congrats on being cancer free!

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