Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Okay, so this cat must have really pulled a great prank on his fellow feline! (thankyou jesse for the word, now go get ready for school)...sorry, but I am a mom trying to blog and get my children ready for school and out the door on time! Enjoy your reading and Happy Blogging to all my new blogging friends~ Now for the Quote of the day~

 Joy can be real only if people look on their life as a service, and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.
- Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Here is a story that will surely make you...Thankful! I hope and pray you enjoy this and have a wonderful and Thankful Thursday! And now here's Life with Gratitude by Glen Hopkins. Click here to check it out! 

And finally last but not least while you are here, you might as well check out the rest of my blog, have a look around and as always when you are done, leave a comment!  I love, love, love to hear what all you lovely ladies have to say, and then you might even click that little button that says follow, that is if you like what you see.  Have a wonderful and Thankful Thursday!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love your blog! Now, if you just get rid of WV!!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

just checking!! LOL!!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said... should check out CCWA!!

Brahm said...

Awesome pic, and fun post!

Not a cat person, and luuuv this one!

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