Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wizard Oh Wizard!

I absolutely love, love, love the Wizard of this...(see below)

Dorothy: It really was no miracle. What happened was just this...

Dorothy: [singing] The wind began to switch / The house, to pitch / And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch / Just then the Witch / To satisfy an itch / Went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch!

Munchkin: And, oh, what happened then was rich!

Munchkins: [singing] The house began to pitch / The kitchen took a slich / It landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch / Which was not a happy situation for the Wicked Witch! Click Here to read more quotes from the Classic movie!

Oh Joy! Rapture...(as the scarcrow would say) I am checking out Mary at Blogrock...possibly getting a new blog makeover...sweeeeeet, in the style of Wizard of cool is that! Now none of you take my idea...not that you would do's just that I love the Wizard of Oz Idea, and it's mine, all mine I tell ya! Heeheehe...just kidding, I could share I guess, since I love ya'll so much! Yet I reserve the right to change my mind on my new theme..lovin Cherry Blossom Trees too!


Margaret said...

Finally some else who has the movie memorized like I do!!!!!!!!!!!

~Bry~ said...

I love the Wizard of Oz too. I would really(and don't get mad) love to see them redo it. Like Tim Burton style. I am going to see Alice this weekend and so excited but I think that OZ could be pretty cool today with all new special effects!

Leslie Limon said...

A Wizard of Oz blog theme would be very cool and people will always remember the Wizard of Oz blog. :D

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