Monday, March 1, 2010

Snipets of my Weekend!

These are the pens Mollyanna and I made this past Sunday...we took bic pens, silk flowers, floral tape, and satin ribbons...and voila~these to make and useful as well...great to give away as gifts! (We gave two away to friends)

This is my bed this morning...not yet made because I am on my blog posting...I know you lady bloggers know what I am saying here! Can I get a witness?

This is my coffee and Breakfast...Yes it is Slimfast! I told you ladies I was going to eat better (er..umm..drink) and exercise more (that would be the flower making, right) so this is my breakfast, yummmy!

These are my hubby's any of you women have husbands that collect these tiny pieces of crap beautiful glasses?  They are something he (hubbs) has been hoarding collecting for a very long time, and a source of constant irritation to me joy to him, so I don't really have a problem with it! Okay moving on...

This is just what I would like to do to my hair on one of my many few bad hair days! So true, right, ladies! I mean this is high fashion in the dog think.  I could always ask my babies dogs Annie and Weenie, and get their opinions...what, like you don't talk to your dogs/cats/birds...pick one! 

These are the lovely organic soaps I found for $.99 cents a my local Farmers Market, on Sunday, while shopping for our fruit for the week!

Well this is where I tell you God bless, happy blogging and as usual, when you are done skimming reading thoroughly leave me a comment as I love to hear what you beautiful ladies have to say!


singedwingangel said...

Love the hairdo where did you get hte pic of me when I got up in the morning.. I got ya coffee no slimfast lol..

Anonymous said...

Your blog is hysterical!! It's amazing that you have such a great sense of humor w/ all your going thru ;) We don't really know each other but you have a beautiful soul. Keep up the good work, I will be back to visit.

BTW, flower pens are beautiful

Cynthia W/Facebook

Scraps said...

I love that the boyfriend makes the bed while I'm in the shower, otherwise I'd be mostly tempted to leave it til after work and then just crawl in!

The only thing about the shot glasses that would bother me is if they never got any use ;-) (But, then, I'm the one who creates a new cocktail every week so I suppose I'm not the person to ask!)

CCWA hellos!

Cassie said...

When I'm having bad hair days I get the irrational urge to go Sinead O'Connor. Luckily so far the urge has always passed. Love your pics!

Bernadine said...

This really was a true delight to read. I love the pens and would ask for lessons, but I'm not quite that creative. As far as the bed, I plead the fifth :). Flower making burns at least 150 calories, so I think you are good. I am not one bit ashamed to admit that I talk to my do on a regular basis.

Very creative, lovely post that left me with a great big smile! Thank you

Margaret said...

I love the dog picture!!!!!

{Not Quite} Susie said...

Looks like you had a very productive weekend! I wish the Farmer's Market here was worth going to, but I live in the middle of the desert so nothing is really local anyway. :) &I don't think I've EVER made my bed. At least not since I got rid of the Little Mermaid sheets. :)

Lena said...

I love the doggie pic. Soooooooo Cute!
All in all a very positive post. Was fun to read :D

Timberwolf123 said...

So guess since I'm a guy I shouldn't comment....ok thanks.




Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Thanks for the great comments on Sarah's guest post at my blog. Spending some time on your blog today. You are hilarious!! Love the picture of the bad hair day. I thought it was me at first. Following/stalking you starts now. Looking forward to reading more!!

Aleta said...

Love the pens! And that absolutely does count for exercise - having to twist the floral tape and satin ribbons - twist and bend and twist and bend. Hehe. Glad my hubby doesn't collect those beautiful *cough* glasses... but then again, my hubster probably gets annoyed with me collecting crystal. Lol.

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