Friday, March 5, 2010

Totally Random Thoughts!

So much happening around here latey, the kids will soon be on spring break, yay!  I will get to sleep in every day for 5 days in a row.  Maybe the back yard will even get cleaned up. 

I may have time to do some...dare I say it, Spring cleaning! For sure, I will get alot of BLOGGING done...I know, I I don't already spend way too much time doing that.  I finally found my Bi-Mart card..I have been searching for it...for like forever.  It was in another wallet in one of my other purses.  Are you like me, and have like oodles of purses?  I just love to collect them, there are so many colors and styles to pick from, and you can match them to your clothes/shoes.  This is a girly-girl thingy, I know because I am one, Doh!

 Can't wait to see my son George play in the Worship band this Sunday at Church...yay, I am very excited, can you tell? Also I am SO STOKED that my favorite Christian radio station KDOV in Medford, Oregon is now on Charter Cable...oh yeah!  Well that is all for now..mainly because I cannot think of anything else to say, so as usual when you are done reading..leave me some comment love!  ~God Bless and Happy Blogging~


Margaret said...

I love purses!!!!!! I can never have enough of them that is for sure.

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

Spring break is always fun! :) Have fun sleeping in.

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