Thursday, March 4, 2010

A mishmash of Stuff!

So this is my new hairstyle kinda flipped up at the ends. Cute huh!  I am getting ready to drink my delicious chocolate drink have my breakfast and thought I would post something first! I saw a video on my Facebook home page that was disturbing to say the least.

 Someone was harassing a Vietnam Vet on the bus, saying he was gonna kick his @ss and so on.  This Vet did not take any of this guys shmoley (as I like to say) at all, he gave it right back.  The Vet sits down, the other guy gets up and swipes at him (the Vet) so the Vet kicks his @ss royally...and they kick the Vet off the bus not the other way around...what is wrong with people...I mean this guy fought for our freedom and this is how some people in the world treat him...ugh!!! Okay enough said!

Ladies, these are my MANY conditioning treatments left over from coloring my hair every 4 months or so! I know ya'll have been or are there with me!  I have never been able to use them all, and I just cannot bring myself to throw those suckers away!  Can I get a witness? I mean they just keep piling up, hmm..I wonder if Goodwill takes these.  Now that is a thought!  I think I'll truck them down there or to the women's mission...ok enough said, moving on.

Now, these are my hand-painted rocks (by me, did I already say that) with my precious babies dogs names on them.  Aren't they just adorable?  Why yes they are, and fun to make!  Let's see..what else is there?

Oh yes! These are two of my that's not handsome boys when they were still cute and cuddly. Now they are both towering over me and not done growing! The one with the sunglasses is my guitar playing son..see my picture page.  The one in the top left corner is my wrestler boy.  (also on said picture page). Okay moving on...

This is my first book! (Not published) It is titled My Life So Far! I will share some of it with you all in later posts...promise.  I am very proud of it! I will have to check into getting it published someday!  La di da di da!

Okay that is it for now, feel free to comment (my ego says be nice) and as usual God Bless and Happy Blogging!


Andria said...

Very cute! I'm anxious to see the book!

By MelCole of PA said...

Wow, sounds like you will be a great writer! Hope to read your book :) BTW, have you tried Listia?

By MelCole of PA said...

Oops, my second comment this time, have you tried listia in giving for those conditioning treatments? Been there myself and had success in it.

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