Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Art by Mollyanna!

This is my daughters drawing or interpretation of spongebob squarepants..She is getting to be a great artist! She is all of 9 years old..oh and 3/4..can't forget that part...anyhoo this will be a regular happening around my blog..when she comes up with a drawing/masterpiece, I will be posting it for all you lovely ladies, and handsome men to view...Enjoy!

Also she (molly) will be a guest blogger here at Faith~Hope~&~Love occasionally, she is truely very excited about this, as she loves to write and cheer people up, and of course share her artwork extraordinaire!


Margaret said...

That will be fun to read her posts.

Supermanslady said...

Pretty talented little gal you have there! My 2 year old calls Spongebob - "beanbob"...have no clue where he got it from..he can say Spongebob just fine but refers to him as "beanbob"...gonna have to show him this picture! He will LOVE it!

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