Thursday, April 1, 2010

God is Amazing

Something incredible happened to me last night while I was on Arlee Bird's Tossing it out!

Have you ever had something happen that could be nothing less than a God thing?  Well, that is exactly what occured last night right here in the blog-o-sphere. 

While perusing Tossing it out I saw a blog that was participating in the A to Z Challenge and went over for a look see.  After reading a bit I decided to follow this blog and left a comment telling as much.

In the meantime my daughter Molly had written a poem and asked me to post it on my blog Faith, Hope and Love. I went to see if there had been any comments on her poem and there was one by a gentleman named Gregg and I noticed when I looked up his info, his last name was one I recognized instantly. 

Wondering to myself, could that be the same person, I hurriedly emailed him and left comments on his last post. was the same person I had grown up with.  My father and he had been best friends in the same Bible College, PCBBC. Wow, only God could do something like this through the internet.

Last night I was able to reconnect with an old and cherished family friend and cannot wait for what happens next.  This man and his family were like the second half of my own family, we were together all the time.  Eating at each others homes, us children playing together and becoming the best of friends,  and just living life together, these are the times I remember so fondly.

The time our families spent together were the fondest memories from my childhood, and I praise God for reuniting us once again.  I cannot wait to reconnect with him, his wife, and children in mom and I are thinking a road trip this summer is in order. Gregg get ready for some company, and a huge celebration, I have missed you all so much, and tell your beautiful wife, I hope she is making some of those wonderful homemade tortillas that only she can make to perfection.  May God bless you and your family and may He bless you abundantly.


Trevor Peck said...

That is so awesome! Like you said - it's a God thing. May He never cease to amaze us for our joy and His glory!

Love in the Truth.

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

Isn't it amazing?! God definitely works in mysterious ways! Because of technology and the internet I am back in touch with my best friend from back when I was 9 yrs old (on facebook) Been searching for her, for yrs and yrs!! :-) thanks for following me through the A-Z Challenge!
Have a blessed day! :-)

veterankindergartenteacher said...

How wonderful that God provided an avenue for you to reconnect to someone who was an important person to you earlier in life. Blessings sweet lady!

Bud Ezekiel H. said...


thank you for your encouragement kiddo:) it surprised me you came back twice... i'm going to follow you too. not just because you're following me...but because i know you're real and a sister too

Bud Ezekiel H. said... regards to friends. you are really fortunate from what i'm reading here. blessed!

Praise Adonai !!!

Gregg said...

Hi Shannon - I just saw this post and the poem you dedicated to me, thank you so much you are so sweet.

My Shannon just dropped by to mom-nap her mom and take her to Astoria. She is excited about getting together with you guys. The sooner the better!

Beth said...

That is amazing! I love it when God does cool stuff like that! :)

Slushpile Slut said...

Awww....Now that is serendipity at it's finest...Thx so much for following my blog and for stopping by during the A-Z challenge...:)

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