Monday, March 29, 2010

Stuffed vs. Satisfied

This past Sunday my new Pastor talked about Satisfaction compared to Stuffing…as in are you just Stuffed or are you really Satisfied with your spiritual life/relationship with God?

Well the gist of the message was centered on the passage of Jesus feeding the 5000+ and how He did not just give them what they asked for, He gave them more than enough. After all they picked up 12 baskets of leftovers afterwards didn’t they? So it was a comparison of being stuffed over being satisfied.

The crowd kept following after Jesus because when they woke up after being fed so much, they were once again hungry and looking to see where Jesus, the man who fed them, had gone. They may have been stuffed but they were not satisfied by any means. Jesus told them something amazing that day, He told them “I am the bread of life” proclaiming that He was and is the son of God, and only He can satisfy them for eternity. Jesus was telling them that earthly food would not satisfy them for long, but that He had what they needed. In that day, bread was the main meal not a side dish like it is now, so when He said “I am the bread of life” that was really saying something to them that they understood.

This is what I took away from the sermon this last Sunday…I am at times only stuffing myself with small devotionals or whole days spent (sporadically) in the word, but I am not always satisfied because I allow other things come in and choke out my time with God, for instance…blogging, watching TV, or reading books. These things all take time away from my relationship with God…No; I am not going to stop blogging, watching TV or even reading.

I am merely saying that having a healthy and balanced relationship with Jesus Christ takes time and INTENTIONALITY. I can’t just say I did enough to last me through the next time…it does not work that way very well. It is something I have to focus on and give my undivided attention to. All relationships work that way. This one is no different in that aspect. It requires my attention and devotion and passion. I am so thankful for God and His continual and unconditional love towards me. I am off to Satisfy my soul with some God time. Have a wonderful day and May God’s face shine upon all who pass this way.


Wanda said...

Love the comparison b/w stuffed and satisfied. Never looked at that scripture that way. Our days can quickly get stuffed with many activities while neglecting the only one who is able to fully satisfy us.

arlee bird said...

You make such a good point here. And I feel balance is so important. If we are to get off balance it should certainly be on the side of seeking God, which is usually not the case. There is so much to fill up our lives and so many people are not satisfied with where they are and what they have. It's like the buffet where things taste good while you're eating it and so you pig out, but later you regret it because you feel badly.

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Beth said...

What a good message! Thanks for sharing!

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