Saturday, April 3, 2010

C is for Captivating


CAPTIVATING is the way I would describe this CHALLENGE, the idea, to do a whole post starting with a letter from the alphabet, A all the way to Z, all in the month of April, except for Sundays of COURSE. I have taken the CHALLENGE and it is a very CHARMING CHALLENGE indeed. See, all those words start with the letter C; I am having visions of Sesame Street running through my head. Today’s letter is the letter C.

CAUTIOUS is CURIOUSLY how I feel about this CHARMING and CAPTIVATING CHALLENGE. CAN I do it for all 26 days? COULD I really think of something CHARISMATIC to say, which means, of having, or CHARACTERISTIC of CHARISMA, some CLOSE friends of this word are alluring, appealing, hypnotic…get the idea? Good.

CHARITABLE is how I will treat others in this CHARMING, CAPTIVATING, and CHARISMATIC CHALLENGE. The meaning behind this word is kindly or lenient in judging people, acts, etc, for example…CHARITABLE in her opinions of others.

CHARGE forth from here dear people and be CHARITABLE to others in their CHEEKY endeavor to rise to the A-Z CHALLENGE. CHALK this one up to pure and simple CHARISMA, and do let’s be CHASTE in our efforts.



Loved all the "C" you came up with very original,

Take care.

Gregg said...

Very clever Shannon! As you know I am a great fan of aliteration. You never know that by looking at my kids names, Shannon, Sonja, Sharon, and Stacy!

Hoping you have a great resurrection celebration tomorrow. May God continue to bless thee and thine!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Challenging but not impossible!

Mary McDonald said...

Clever! (ha! That's a C too!)

Wanda said...

Love all the C-words, and I'm cautiously approaching the challenge as well. Hoping my creativey doesn't leave me out in the cold before I get close to z. Have a Happy Easter.

Trevor Peck said...

Have a great Cross-Centred Celebration tomorrow and everyday!

Love in the Truth.

chris weigand said...

Cool love all the c words

Good luck with d

Lisa said...

Very cute!


Bud Ezekiel H. said...

i could never accomplish that feat!

maybe in 3rd grade level:)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I keep thinking of Sesame Street too. :) And then I keep reading other blogs and coming up with more posts for "The Letter of the Day".

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Crazy! C Continues to Command your blog today :)

Have a great Resurrection Day!

arlee bird said...

I liked it but then again I'm kind of partial to the topic. I would just say to everyone that you CAN COMPLETE the CHALLENGE. And don't forget to CONTRIBUTE with COMMENTS in order to CONNECT with others.

Not enough hours! said...

Love all the C words you came up with. Lovely blog.


Rae said...


Kelly said...

I liked the part about Sesame Street.

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