Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Things...mmmkay, here goes

It's time once again for Writer's Workshop with Mama Kat @Mama's losin it! I chose the prompt: List 10 things that blogging has taught you.  So here goes..

1) Blogging takes a lot of time.
2) Blogging does not have to be just for your eyes.
3) Blogging can be a time sucker.
4) Blogging may make you more creative.
5) Blogging comes with buddies.
6) Blogging can be difficult.
7) Blogging does not mean ignoring everything else.
8) Blogging can make you crazy at times
9) Blogging is fun.
10) Blogging makes me happy.

1) Blogging does take a lot of time if you want it to be interesting and captivate an audience of your peers. I am learning to do some posts ahead of time and to only work during the hours my family isn’t home.

2) Blogging has taught me that is does not have to be for my eyes only. There are actually others out there who want to read what I have to say. This was news to me, that is for sure.

3) Blogging has also taught me that it can be a real time sucker. For instance, sometimes when I am on my blog dashboard, time gets sucked into a vacuum as I read my fellow bloggers posts and then commence to comment on them. Time has been sucked.

4) Blogging may have taught me lately that I am beginning to get more creative, what do you think? Seriously, I really am learning a lot of creative ideas from all you other blogging buddies, and that makes me a more creative blogger in turn.

5) Blogging has taught me that the saying, you can never have enough friends, is true. I have made so many friends out there in the blog-o-sphere I can hardly keep up with you all. I am following like 3,000. blogs, or something crazy like that.

6) Blogging is sometimes difficult to do. When I am having an off day, it can be difficult to blog anything worth sharing. This kind of sounds like a….job, eek!

7) Blogging has also taught me that I can’t just go around ignoring everything else in my life, but this one thing. I have had to learn to carve out specific time to blog and then devote the rest of the time to my family and friends. This has proven to be one of the most challenging things about blogging.

8) Blogging can and will at times make you crazy. Crazy as in “Oh my gosh, I have to get this post done and then go and link up with so and so” that kind of crazy. Anyone out there feel that same way? Again, this kind of feels like a…..job, eek!

9) Blogging is fun. Blogging has taught me, my posts do not need to be serious all the time, add some humor and fun in there once in awhile. Sheesh! I love to be a funny gal, so this really isn’t a problem for me; also it keeps all you blogging friends on your toes. What will it be today, happy, sad, serious, or contemplative?

And Finally…

10) Blogging, I have learned, makes me happy. Happiness is a good thing, and  no I am not saying that blogging is my total happiness. That would just be weird, and even sad. That said, I do derive some of my happiness from sharing my life with others through the blogging medium, and that is okay by me!


singedwingangel said...

Amen to all the above


Through Blogging I have made many friends though we've never met.
You have written an excellent blog which I enjoyed reading.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I can identify with some of them, may be most of them:)

One Cluttered Brain said...

AMEN! Blogging makes me happy too.

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Yup ... learning how to do posts ahead of time is about the only way I can keep it working ;-)

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