Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~Little Love Letter Tuesday~

It's time for little love letter Tuesday!!! Thanks to my beautiful blogging friend Brittany @Not your Average Teen! Oh and don't forget to go over and do your own little love letter tuesday post...And away we go..

Dear Diet gods...why are you trying to kill me? I mean what does a girl have to do to lose 20, or 40, or 60 lbs these days...must I eat green stuff and exercise? Can't I just sit around and wish these pesky pounds away...no, I didn't think so.  You want me to eat all kinds of green veggies, and then walk 16 miles a day, are you crazy? I have decided I no longer wish to believe in you, so take that and cram it in your....um okay, that was close...you get the drift.  Love, a not so happy dieter.

Dear person who shall remain nameless...I wish to bring to your attention the way you eat your food...like it is about to jump off your fork.  Please slow down, I am beginning to think you are under the impression that the food around here will vanish suddenly or something. I promise to keep feeding you every day, if you would just stop with the eating-like-your-in-a-race way that you do!  Love, mom

Dear furniture salesman...The futon you sold me SUCKS, it is like sitting on a rock with a cover on it.  I certainly paid way too much I can tell you that...if I was your boss, you would be fired for telling me that the mattress had a very comfortable feel to it.  Let me tell you this...it does NOT! I will never shop in your store again and be wooed by a salesman of your calibur.  Love, the woman with a sore butt!


Double Wide Mom said...

How cute! may have to try that sometime. Gave you a shout out today. Please stop by and see me!

♥ Katinka said...

Stopping by from SITS :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Supermanslady said...

Me and the diet fairy have that conversation daily! Why can't being covered in melted cheese be good for you???

Mama Kat said...

Ugh! I can't stand listening to people chow down like that!

Tracie said...

I hear you about the weight loss. I've been back on the Zumba wagon and so far it's only making me eat more. I yi yi.

Karry said...

This post is so cute, I love it!
I'll keep reading your blog. Thanks for the beautiful post!!

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