Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are Paying it Forward today with CCWA

So okay I was reading over at CCWA about this Pay if forward game thingy...and saw that Leigh @Leigh vs. Laundry was giving out an award to all, so I popped on over there all nonchalant (yes that is the right spelling I looked it up) like and claimed my hard earned award. Ta-da! Yes, you can do the same!

Now let me tell you about the Pay it forward thingy over at CCWA 

Here is how you play..Go visit a blog, read some posts..write up a post on your fav. read (on the blog) and call your post..We are paying it forward today with CCWA. In your post put a link to the blog you visited and are posting about and tell your readers what is so great about it, then encourage them to visit said blog...get the point?

 Yay! Be sure you let the bloggers author know you are going to be talking about their blog and such...then go back to CCWA and link up with the McKlinky...etc...etc...okay so here goes mine..

Do you know her? Have you been over to her blog? No, then scurry on over (after you finish this post) and check Her out!  Brittany just wrote an awesome post on a book she is writing...yes you heard me correctly...she is a teen and writing a book!  Check out her 1st snippet right Here it is called "The light had turned green". It is wonderful, and won't be sorry, I promise. 

 Brittany is just an all-around wonderful, mature, and sweet girl, and I definitely consider her a friend of mine...No go on and leave me a comment or two..cause I am greedy like that...then go over and visit Brittany's wonderful blog.


The Redheaded Stepchild said...

Hi. Totally stalking you back!!!!

Andrea said...

I will go check her out.
Hugs, andrea

Brittany Ciara said...

You are one awesome lady Mrs. Shannon. (:

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Congrats on your hard earned award. Think I might get me one of these too!! Have a super day.


Nellyn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog SITSta!!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi!

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