Saturday, March 13, 2010

~Sick Ramblings~

I will start this post with "I'm sick".  I have been feeling run down the last few days, but last night I really started to feel...ick! So I finished up my blogging and got into bed, and today has just been one of "Those" days.  You know the kind, where you are in bed all day watching movies and bad t.v. 

It's all good though, it gives me time to think about ideas for blogging and other really important things like;  how come laying in bed all day seems to make whatever illness or pain you have just a little bit worse? Or have you ever noticed the ceiling pictures above your head look like dragons and mice? Oh sorry, I was fading there a bit! (and I'm not even on Nyquil or anything)

I will be going for now, before I start rambling extremely forbidden scary stuff, so as usual when you are done thoroughly entertaining yourself  reading my blog post please leave me a lovely bit of yourself in a comment.  I love to hear what you lovely ladies and handsome men have to say. God bless and May His face shine upon you today and beyond!


Frugal Vicki said...

You know, I used to totally agree with you that laying there just added to feeling sick...before kids and now I would LOVE to be able to just lay in bed all day again!

Margaret said...

I have to agree laying around only seems to make you feel worse. I really wonder why that is.

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