Monday, February 8, 2010

Lay your burdens down at His feet my son's school calls today around 4pm to tell me that he was injured and was having trouble breathing, and like any responsible parent i rushed over there to check him out...he was running and felt something pop in his chest and then had trouble catching a they had him lay down and breathe slowly until i got there...all the while i am thinking okay so maybe he has a broken rib and it has punctured his lungs (you know what i am talking about) so i am trying to get there fast but not get a situation turns into an emergency doctor visit and and an punctured lung...:) but possible broken or dislocated rib...he will not be wrestling at his i say all this for a reason...the first thing i did when his school called was panic and speed (a little) but did i really sometimes do this (being honest now)when things get scary with my kids, i did say a short prayer (i think i remember doing this)but not the kind that i should have or wish i would have...I praise God because He still loves me even in spite of myself, He is Good All the time no matter if we are or not...I praise God because He chooses to bless me even when i (in my panic) forget to go to Him and give Him my burden, I choose to praise God in the good times and I choose to praise God in the not so good times...Tonight i praise God that my son is going to be okay and that i have been blessed with a wonderful husband who in the midst of all of this was home taking care of the other children and making us a nice hot dinner....


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